About Us

Key Objectives

  • To lead our clients through the process of financial planning, meet and exceed their expectations
  • To increase clients’ wealth and optimise their chances of reaching their financial goals through in depth analysis and active investment management
  • To continuously identify and evaluate providers, products and risks
  • To stay objective through introspection and constant conformation to fit the dynamics of the professional financial planning industry
  • To set standards in the professional environment and to lead by example

Our Core Values


We abide by a work and personal ethic of responsibility, accountability and mutual respect.


Our actions are based on the truth and we believe in transparency.   We believe in sincerity and we respect privacy.


We conduct our business through respect and fairness. We are unbiased and motivated to do justice.

Business Partners

Services on a Fee Basis

FIDIUS’ services are offered on a fee basis.   It is our opinion that professionalism and objectivity to the benefit of a client may be lost if the remuneration or fees is only earned through commissions if a product is sold.

Our Team

We have a common purpose and we work towards the same goals. Our skills are complementary and we acknowledge each other’s potential.  Through our integrated team of financial planning administrators, income tax practitioners and financial planners we offer clients a comprehensive financial planning service.