Investment Planning & Strategies

To identify appropriate investment strategies, profiles and asset class exposure to optimise achievement of investment objectives over various terms and through different economic cycles.

The ultimate goal is stable return on investments, eliminating downside risk and assuring peace of mind through continuous monitoring and understandable reporting.

  • Structuring of investments and pension fund exposure
  • Modelling of different investment options and optimisation of asset class exposure over  time
  • Investment portfolio management and monitoring of strategies over time
  • Taxation

Retirement Planning

To ensure sustainable income during retirement through, investment, provision, strategy, pension, tax and dynamic decisions over the entire planning term.

  • Professional insight in retirement, tax, investment planning and analysis
  • Investment structuring, income and portfolio management for real income over the entire planning term
  • Continuation for dependants

Estate, Trust and Testamentary Planning and Administration

To ensure dependants enjoy optimal benefits from sufficient assets prior to and after death and to meet the cash flow requirements of the deceased estate, distribution and specific bequests.

Our estate planning and administration service ensures that your affairs will be in order in times of grieve.

  • Estate analysis with comprehensive illustration of all calculations
  • Managing and control assets, costs and estate expenses, duties, liabilities and contracts
  • Distribution of assets at death
  • Cash flow calculations and provision for dependants
  • Testamentary and Trust planning to minimise costs, duties and taxes of dependant heirs
  • Interim Risk Management and Planning

Personal Risk Planning

To ensure adequate financial provision and controls for risks such as death, disability, impairment and identification of interim risks and management processes through:

  • Constructive financial counsel to establish financial management and control
  • Managing a changing financial environment
  • Planning for disability and income replacement
  • Establishing a risk management framework and policy

Business Continuity, Risk, Legislation and Contracts

Protecting yourself, family, estate, business partners and assets against risks such as contingency liability through contracting and from a well informed point of view.

Our experience and understanding of legislation, rules and regulations enables us to assist our clients with guidance and financial impact of:

  • Prenuptial and other contracts and agreements
  • Buy and sell, contingency liability and key man agreements
  • Protection of  business interests, partners, estate and dependants

Registered Tax Practitioners

Our registered tax practitioners understand tax law to advise and assist clients with the whole process, from registering to filing.

  • Registration
  • Evaluate and analyse income tax status
  • Calculation and completion of returns
  • Filing of returns
  • Advice and structuring  towards optimal income tax positioning